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Post  Quago on Mon Oct 12, 2009 2:20 pm

In Visceral we use a loot council system. We take many factors into consideration when we decide if a certain piece of loot should be given to a person, or between 2 or more people.

Factors include but are not limited to: Raid attendance, preparation, performance, activeness outside of raid, etc.

When Loot Council system was first instilled into this guild it was under the rule that healers and tanks would get absolute first priority. Since then we have changed it up a little bit, but regardless we still look at who it would be more beneficial to.

Raid Trials: You are on the bottom of the totem pole for loot. If you want a certain piece of loot and so does a Raider or Veteran then 9.9 times out of 10 it will indeed go to the high ranked individual. When on a Raid Trial you will be closely watched on your performance and attendance. You are also on a TWO week probation, this means if you have showed up and have done what you are asked to do, after two weeks you will get promoted. There are exceptions to this if the officers feel that you are worthy of getting a bump up sooner than two weeks.

REMEMBER: When you have become a raider you will be given the same opportunities as myself, an officer, or a veteran on most items. (Weapons -may- be excluded from this list) Officers do not get priority over anyone as we like to spread loot out evenly amongst the guild.

Again, Thank you for applying and if you have any further questions about the loot or ranking system please mail or message in game to Quago, Rosho, or Tryxee.

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